Create your dream home

We want our clients to dream big and we want to dream alongside them. We are proud to be the type of builder who helps our clients think outside the box and facilitates a custom and timeless build that truly represents you, at the heart of your home.


Kratos Builder’s has been providing designs and luxury custom builds for customers. That means we have the experience to create beautiful, workable designs with quality workmanship and competitive pricing.


From concept to completion, we guide our clients through each stage of building their dream.

A true custom home builder is one that allows the client to fully develop their vision for a project.

Stage one: You have a dream

The Pre Construction Process at Kratos Builder is where the ideas flow and the project plan is conceived. We support your dream by teaming with you on this general process:

  • Establishing the Vision for the Project
  • Land Acquisition
  • Architectural Engagement and Drawings
  • Working Drawings and Design
  • Final Budget Review
  • Financing Options

Stage two: We have a plan

The Construction Process sets the project in motion and the excitement of your ideas come to life as we follow this general process:

  • Demolition and Excavation
  • Foundation
  • Framing and Roofing
  • Rough Ins
  • Drywall
  • Trim and Finishing
  • Closing

Stage 3: You have your dream home

The construction has ended but the care does not stop. Kratos Builder’s Custom homes are covered under the New Home Warranty Program.

Kratos Builder also offers a standard warranty to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained even after the project is complete.